Soft-Deck is a leader in shock absorbing decking to help sailors, soldiers and patrol personnel in all nautical and extreme terrain environments. We strive to reduce impact and stress to their bodies and improve longevity so they can perform at their best in all situations.  Our anti-fatigue, joint protection decking allows people who protect us to do their missions under the harshest environments at their best. We are striving to improve our technology so they benefit. 

      We are a nautical team of engineers, sailors and sport enthusiasts that not only innovate to improve our product but constantly test our product ourselves in the most extreme Marine weather environments to constantly improve the shock absorbing experience.



Soft-Deck's High-Performance, Energy-Absorbing Flooring System (HPEAFS) is a revolutionary, light weight, shock mitigating decking system designed to reduce the likelihood of injury, and fatigue to operators and passengers on high speed craft by absorbing vibration and mitigating the impact felt as a result of pounding at high speed. 


Our soft non-skid product provides exceptional traction in wet or dry conditions, and is extremely durable.  Because it is soft, it will protect gear and surfaces from damage and won't tear up lines or wet suits.  Its pliable nature allows it to be installed around corners and over deck features.


We offer custom engineered solutions to fill most any requirement.  From complete custom designed flooring systems to soft landing pads for watercraft and any boat decking need in between.   


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Contact us today, so that we can make your next shocking experience more comfortable and preserve your longevity for the mission ahead.  

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